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Excellent quality offer & innovative purity herbal products, superfoods, mixtures and pure colorful food for holistic therapy and well-being of human inspired by the experience & scientific training of Dr. Angel, Ancient Greece and the Greek Gods!

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Innovative Products

Innovative Products

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Many years of experience in the field of Health and Wellness, both as a therapist and educator and as a consumer of related products gave me the opportunity to research the field of herbs and food and to observe serious gaps and shortages, even in large companies. In addition, I noticed that patients and consumers need products based on pure, clean and excellent quality materials through a brand that can be trusted in the long run!

the challenge ...

The challenge was to create products that would be of excellent quality and fill these market gaps successfully. Products that ensure quality, purity & purity and bring results, improving our way of life. In addition, my knowledge and experience as a therapist helped me to formulate unique innovative recipes for health and wellness that with the right placement on the market and harmonization with the Greek, European & American food standards make Dr Angel’s products unique!

Indicative profiles of our customers....

The expert

Wants as much information as possible in the shortest time

The young vegan

Adopts a healthy lifestyle and products without side effects

the working mother

Wants healthy and easy-to-prepare meals

the athlete

Wants food of high nutritional value for strength and endurance

The cool

Wants a special diet and recipes for all-day wellness

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Customer reviews

I recently discovered this particular website, which seems to have been made especially for me!
I find all the supplements I need, selected carefully and responsibly.
Kostas S.
With such a huge variety of products, you will definitely find the ones that suit you!
Finally, the useless searches on the internet for products of dubious origin and quality!
Panagiotis K.
I'm looking for products I can trust since 2005.
I have been deceived many times with poor quality products at high prices.
With the Dr. Angels products, I feel confident now!
Athanasios M.
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